Open the Curtains and Look at the Fog

Time for some Lyme updating….

After sticking my head in the sand, I had to make my way back to reality.

December brought with it TMJ pain.  I will get into to TMD issues and treatment after I try out a new mouth splint that I am getting this week.  The reason I mention it now, is that I needed to go on a soft food diet for a few weeks.  It is REALLY hard to not eat any sugar and carbs when on a soft food diet.  Then came the holidays.

The sugar fest led to a Candida party in my brain.

Clearly the Diflucan and the months of trying to behave after the antibiotics did NOT clear the issue.  I picked up a couple of boxes of CandiGone.

I followed the directions on the box with one extra day at the half dose.  On day 2 my cervical lymph nodes were a little more swollen than usual.  On day 3, cervical and axillary lymph nodes were swollen and holy night sweat!!!

I never experienced such a distinct and clear die off from any of my Lyme/Bartonella treatments.

I woke almost giddy in the knowledge that it was working….then I washed my pillow. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I felt as if a curtain had been lifted but there was still a fog.

Back to the LLMD with new blood work.  He started me on the Byron White formula for Lyme disease.  I started at a low level and am working up to the desired dose.  I may need another round of CandiGone (or something), but, for now, Lyme will be the focus.

He approved a supplement that I had just started on my own (that we had discussed but not added previously).  Ashwaghanda has been amazing for my energy!!

Ashwaghanda is an adaptogen for adrenal support.  It is supposed to give you energy in the morning and calm you at night.  I have to take it first thing in the morning, or I will have severe issues sleeping.  Apparently, I am not adaptogenic.

Blood test FYI/TMI

CD57:  27 (was 22 in 2013)

D3:  22  (I had been stuck at 37 so I changed to another brand….wrong move)

Western Blot: only + was IgG 41 through Quest (2013: tested all negative Labcorp, positive for 31, 34, 41 through IGenex)

Cholesterol 144

A1C: 5.3%

Coming Attractions: Sleep studies and TMD


Lyme Disease Challenge


I am not going to call anyone out for the challenge, not even Ralph 🙂

However, everyone is welcome to help raise awareness and research funding for Lyme Disease!

A special thanks to my friends for providing the cast and the location!!