Fatigue and Hair Cuts

Just saw a video of someone with long COVID describing how hard it is to get their hair cut. Bright lights, loud music, hair dryers, people; it can be exhausting.

My strategy starts with my hairstyle. It allows me to only need to go to the salon 4-5 times a year. I have bangs that I rough cut, not aiming for that perfect straight line. Having my mistakes fixed every few months seems to work. I have my stylist cut it as short as it can go and still be able to pull it back. I don’t have the energy to blow dry and style my hair before work. The back of my hair can grow for months before it noticeably needs to be cut.

I try to make morning appointments, even better if it’s a weekday; less customers and less stylists at their chairs. Finding a ‘one stylist salon’ would be great but it’s difficult and likely expensive. I also have a person I like that caters to my quirks. Like wanting an extra towel under my neck at the sink and knowing that I want to sit up if there is a reason for waiting at the sink (conditioner, getting more towels from the dryer). Most stylists seem good about chatting or not chatting depending on their clients’ mood, and mine is certainly good at that.

The rest of the day’s schedule is kept as light as possible; a short trip to the store on my way home or a couple hours of work at most.

Almost no effort put into getting ready for the appointment. Comfortable clothes, no make up, but do make sure to brush my hair really well to limit any knots they need to work out. If you do not need any processing, you can wash your hair before/after as needed if the hair bowl thing is uncomfortable for you.

Do you have any energy saving tips and tricks?


8 thoughts on “Fatigue and Hair Cuts

  1. I just got my hair cut the other day after about two months. A good stylist (one who will work with your quirks) is worth his/her/their weight in gold. I like the one I have now. Friendly but not too chatty. But, sorry, I don’t have any tips. I do feel exhausted after the experience … although this time my neck felt really good … must have been the hot wet towel I rested against while she shampooed my hair. If I was struggling with energy, I’d probably do what I did in the early days of COVID: take a beard trimmer and cut all my hair off. But that’s not for everyone 🙂

    • 🙂 not ready to shave mine yet. I had part of it shaved once to see if it was cooler and how it looked. I liked it but was annoyed by the feel of it when I leaned back on something when sitting. Never thought about a warm towel. Sounds lovely!

      • The towel was lovely. My neck (I have cervical arthritis complete with bone spurs and bulging discs because why not) was stiff and painful before I settled in for the shampoo, just mildly achy and more limber after 🙂

  2. I get my hair cut tomorrow night at 7 p.m. I made the appointment 4 weeks ago and it’s the EARLIEST I could get. My stylist is cutting back on her hours and then “they said” it was all the back to school business. I like her cuts but I will need to find someone else. I’m brainfried at 7 p.m. Last thing I want is a haircut. I don’t go often though. I can cut my hair well enough myself but at least once a year I like to get the back done well.

  3. Gimme a head with hair
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