Tired of Tell All Books – A Protest

I have thought about doing some version of this since the first secret tell all Trump book was published. Thanks to a hurricane flood taking out 75% of my work for at least a month, I recently found myself with extra free time. I found this. This book is a one page protest all of these behind the scenes books. You cannot publish a book with one page, so the rest is a rant. I tried to help clean it up a little, but I am sure that some of the political musings may not land as intended. I did not want to overanalyze or water it down so much that nothing was said. The true focus is still the protest. Maybe the rest can prompt discussion. I don’t know. But if I don’t post this now, I will probably back out, so……..pushing the button!

Project completed by: Penny Pickle, Scoop Sloane

It might be a little funny if this book of random rants sold more copies than White House memoirs and exposes. Not really possible, but it would be funny. The number seems to be between 6,000 and 65,000 depending on the appointee/aide. Of course Woodward sold a lot more. Anyone else tired of these? Protest!

If you are looking for really good books to read, please check out some of the indie authors on Amazon or elsewhere. There are a lot of really books out there that often go on sale/are priced at the same $0.99. Those books took a lot more planning and work to write and are amazing! They may not have the advertising budget of the authors you expect to see on airport bookshelves, but the stories are rich and take you down a path much more interesting than the corporate formulaic books.


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