How to Talk to Women

…or teach anyone anything.

Teach them the part they don’t know. What is obvious to you may not be so obvious to them. 

After decades of struggle, I have made a life changing discovery. How to avoid tangles in extension cords.

Husky 25 ft. 12/3 SJTW Extension Cord with Standard Plug

I have mentioned my struggle to men in the past. Each one of them was happy to help and as if handing down sacred knowledge from Yoda himself, they all explained in detail that one must be careful when coiling the cord for storage. I thought I had been. Each time I listened carefully because each one seemed so sure that he had the secret. Some seemed a bit amused. Not that I was a silly girl asking a stupid question. It was more like they discovered that I had not been let in on this secret. A sudden realization that guy code secrets have not been leaked. As these were all honorable men, they decided that a lady in need who had bravely wondered into the garage, must be let in on the key to a happy extension cord. And so, the tutorial on how to neatly wrap began.

After decades of trials, my issue was not proper cord storage.  I had been wrapping the cord neatly. My problem was in the un-wrapping. No one ever mentioned the unraveling process. The wrapping was supposed to be the secret. So, in my mind, how you unwind it should not have mattered. Well, I guess they thought that part was obvious.

Or maybe that was the sacred guy code bit they were not allowed to speak of in mixed company. 😉


SUP Saturday Rebellion

Lil' Red and FriendsPatience, recovery, and rehab…

I teach it. I preach it. I skipped it.

Lil’ Red’s whispers grew in my ear.  

Echoing, bellowing, 

“Let’s go to the river,” He shouted.

I ventured out for a short stand up paddle boarding session today.  Tie down straps did not work, the launch fees increased from 3 to 10 dollars.  The crowd started by 9AM when the grounds used to be ghostly until closer to 10:30.

My legs were shaky and my balance faulty.  There were no falls or splashes.  It was clear that I had skimped on my preparation.  My flexibility was surprisingly constrained when transitioning from kneeling to standing.  The muscles in both feet have been spoiled.  A few minutes later, I was back on shore.

It was nice to be back out on the water!

With new exercises in mind, I put Lil’ Red away for another day.


The 10 Stages of Lyme

Instead of going through the stages of grief I read about in school, it seems many diagnosed with Lyme disease traverse a different path.

Each path is unique but may look a little like:

  1. I know something is wrong, why haven’t the 5-30 doctors I have seen been able to find something.
  2. I might have what? Never heard much about that.
  3. Research: Cure Unknown, Under Our Skin, Dr. Google, Facebook, Beginner’s Guide to Lyme Disease, Why Can’t I Get Better?
  4. Antibiotics, maybe IVs
  5. 20 different supplements
  6. Diet-no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, non-GMO, organic, unless I cheat.
  7. Outrage, petitions, t-shirts, protests
  8. Homeopathic, ayurvedic, herbs, oils
  9. Biomat, sauna, Epsom baths, EMF tents, coffee????
  10. Sigh, maybe no more Dr. Google

What would you add?

Open the Curtains and Look at the Fog

Time for some Lyme updating….

After sticking my head in the sand, I had to make my way back to reality.

December brought with it TMJ pain.  I will get into to TMD issues and treatment after I try out a new mouth splint that I am getting this week.  The reason I mention it now, is that I needed to go on a soft food diet for a few weeks.  It is REALLY hard to not eat any sugar and carbs when on a soft food diet.  Then came the holidays.

The sugar fest led to a Candida party in my brain.

Clearly the Diflucan and the months of trying to behave after the antibiotics did NOT clear the issue.  I picked up a couple of boxes of CandiGone.

I followed the directions on the box with one extra day at the half dose.  On day 2 my cervical lymph nodes were a little more swollen than usual.  On day 3, cervical and axillary lymph nodes were swollen and holy night sweat!!!

I never experienced such a distinct and clear die off from any of my Lyme/Bartonella treatments.

I woke almost giddy in the knowledge that it was working….then I washed my pillow. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I felt as if a curtain had been lifted but there was still a fog.

Back to the LLMD with new blood work.  He started me on the Byron White formula for Lyme disease.  I started at a low level and am working up to the desired dose.  I may need another round of CandiGone (or something), but, for now, Lyme will be the focus.

He approved a supplement that I had just started on my own (that we had discussed but not added previously).  Ashwaghanda has been amazing for my energy!!

Ashwaghanda is an adaptogen for adrenal support.  It is supposed to give you energy in the morning and calm you at night.  I have to take it first thing in the morning, or I will have severe issues sleeping.  Apparently, I am not adaptogenic.

Blood test FYI/TMI

CD57:  27 (was 22 in 2013)

D3:  22  (I had been stuck at 37 so I changed to another brand….wrong move)

Western Blot: only + was IgG 41 through Quest (2013: tested all negative Labcorp, positive for 31, 34, 41 through IGenex)

Cholesterol 144

A1C: 5.3%

Coming Attractions: Sleep studies and TMD

Season change, holidays and health

Cold puppy

Time change, temperature change, humidity change, allergies, diet change, flu season, stress-both good and bad, busy schedules, travel, cold season, visitors, drivers in a hurry, caring for others who are ill, food left out too long at parties, icy sidewalks, shoveling snow

It can be hard for any of us to get through these months without some sort of illness or injury. For those walking the line with health issues, they can just get pushed over the edge.

Bad Dance Partners

Respiratory issues + cold/flu
Congestive Heart Failure + ham
Diabetes + cookies
Kidney damage + dehydration
Arthritis + cold weather
Liver issues + champagne
Autoimmune disease + stress
Bad driver + impatient traffic
Colitis + potluck dinner
Osteoporosis + freezing rain
Dental work + caramel and nuts

It’s a rough world. Stay safe my friends.
Wow, sorry so doom and gloom.
Happy New Year!!!

Putting My Head in the Sand – hiding from lyme

My Last doctor’s appointment was a couple of months ago.  My cortisol was low.  My pregnenalone was non existent.  My brain was in meltdown mode.  I began using pregnenolone supplements.   The benefit was being able to finish sentences.  The anti-benefit was that the left side of my brain seemed to lose contact with the right side.  However amusing and adventurous it is to think “change radio station” then reach for the garage door opener, I knew the fun would have to come to an end.  When I forgot to turn my car off when filling up with gas, it became apparent that maybe I should stop the supplement.  What amazes me is that there are healthy people taking it just for a little memory boost.

I am back to talking like a fairly intelligent being and have stopped all supplements except Vitamin D and Lymphomyosot.  My vitamin D level was 37 while taking 10.000 IU daily.  I am trying different brands but still no joy.  At least it is up from 15.  The lymphomyosot keeps the lymph moving.  I am still dairy free and low sugar and gluten.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are up. (105/70 and 163) I think that is good. It just sounds so counter culture to declare that a positive. I do not get dizzy nearly as often and I have been able to stop adding salt to everything. I am pretty sure that it is more because of the weight that I have gained in the past 6 months rather than any miracle cure.  Whatever…

So, I decided to just ignore everything until next year.  The story I tell myself is that I just need time to recover and rebalance after all of the antibiotics.  The truth is more likely that I am just sick of going to doctors and taking pills.  Either way, it will be a nice little vacation.

I did get a cool new toy that seems to have gotten rid of neuropathy symptoms in my feet!!

“The Richway Amethyst BioMat Professional 7000MX is an amazing healing tool that has changed thousands of lives for the better.   It’s most important function is to produce far infrared rays of light that penetrate deeply into the body, warming all the cells and tissues evenly throughout.  These rays are produced by rows of amethyst crystals that cover the entire surface of the Bio Mat.”

 I found a used one with a full warranty from a licensed dealer and made the plunge.  It is a FDA approved medical device but like most things for sale, the hype around it is a bit much.  It did help me, so, I guess I will add to it.  Some people sleep on it, but I find far less than comfortable. You are laying on crystals, why would it be comfortable?  I have taken naps on it.  If nothing else, the BioMat is a giant hot pack that happens to have negative ions and and infrared rays.