HoW tO aCe A JoB iNterVieW

“Planning is key to acing a job interview.”

As soon as you know you have a job interview lined up, gather all paperwork that they may ask for at the interview.  Different jobs have different requirements but items you may wish to take to a job interview include: driver’s license, proof of car insurance, any professional state license you have.  Chances are that they have already seen your CV, but take one just in case.  Things get lost when a company is interviewing more than one person.  When you cannot find a paper you think you might need, rest assured that the medical insurance card, 2 birth certificates, copy of your termite bond contract, and the last bill from a cable company you have not used in a year may come in handy one day.

The second thing you should do in preparing for a job interview is to look up the address.  Plan your route.  Make sure to add time to the “Maps” estimate. You are likely not checking the route during the time of day that the interview is scheduled, so things can change.  Also, if there has been any recent/ongoing construction in the area, Google may be wrong.  Google lady is cool but can make mistakes.  Beware of season changes and the topographical specs of the region you will be driving through.  Fog, soupy thick fog in a construction area, may add time to the drive to your interview.

Third: make sure you know what you are wearing to the interview.  Do not leave things out, like, say, shoes.  While it is fun to run around the house playing hide and seek, checking every closet until you find the shoes next to the kitchen, it may make you late.

The night before your job interview:

Set your alarm early enough for you to get up and to do your usual morning routine with some extra time for lint brush and mirror checks.  No manager wants some bed-head, pillow creased grin coming through their door.  In fact, set 5 alarms.  Do not forget that you may have purchased a new phone since the last time you set your alarms and check the alarm tones so they do not all sound the same.  Sleeping through 60 minutes of alarms because you think they are all the first one is okay, but may make you late.


Oversleep by an hour.  Keep your cool.  You still have time for a quick cup of coffee.  Take your shower and get ready.  Do not worry about pulling your hair back.  The interview is in an office building, there will be a bathroom for you to pull your hair back.  You will not have a frizz bomb mop to carry in the office.

Get stuck behind a large truck running the left lane through the soupy fogged out construction area.  They keep you from being tempted to speed.

Be sure to hit 9/10 red lights on the one hour drive.  This is a must because it gives you time to think of answers to questions that they will not ask.

When arriving at the office building that your interview is in, be sure to not see any of the landmarks they described in the directions. Worry so much about Google lady calling out the wrong street name, that you circle around the block an additional time.

Be relieved that the only restroom you see is in the office suite that you are heading to because 5 minutes late is excusable (they know the directions are complicated and the fog is soupy) but 10 minutes late is just rude.

Answer all the questions in the interview, maybe ask a couple.  The absolute key to leaving a great impression is to forget something in the boss man’s office.  Once you make it back to your car, have a five minute debate with yourself about whether it would be worse to leave your glasses in their office or to go back and announce that you left them (you think….could have been dropped somewhere in between.)  At the very least, you have stood out enough for them to remember you.

Now go find a bathroom!

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8 thoughts on “HoW tO aCe A JoB iNterVieW

  1. I went to an interview set up via an agency used by a medical group and they gave me the wrong address. Fortunately, I did my homework on the group and called ahead of time to verify the address, which I then corrected with the agency. The group found out about this and had a chuckle because the head supervisor of the group was bff’s with the head of the agency.

    I got the job.

    I miss that job.

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