Probiotics, Beyond Yogurt

Last year I knew someone who contracted salmonella poisoning.  Part of the treatment included taking Cipro.  After a week in the hospital and finishing her antibiotic prescription, she developed a C. diff infection to go along with the Salmonella that was still there.  After another 2 rounds of taking multiple medications (including a new C. Diff medicine, Dificid) and then starting probiotics, she has been doing well.  Another lady I know has a stubborn H. pylori infection.  She has been taking multiple medications for a long time but still has some horrible symptoms.  She started taking probiotics and, although she still has some symptoms, she is doing significantly better.  This got me to start taking probiotics. I started taking it everyday for several weeks and now take it 1-3 times a week.  That is what works for me.  I know people who take it everyday.  I favor the brand pictured, but I think important points are that it contain several different types of bacteria and that it is stored in a refrigerator.  They are alive!  Refrigeration helps to keep it that way.

In an effort not to reinvent the wheel, here is a link that has a lot of good information about probiotics:

12 thoughts on “Probiotics, Beyond Yogurt

    • Thanks. Good to know that it helps with the protein as well. I have had issues when I over do protein. I have not had any high protein weeks since I started taking them.

  1. We had a wonderful dog get a severe cut on his leg. He had to be on 3 antibiotics at one time because they were afraid he was going to lose his leg. They recommended Mayfield Nurture milk and I found him some probiotics at the local health food store. He got through it with minimal digestional upset and his leg is healed! I love probiotics.

  2. Three cheers for pro-biotics. I was a child of the 80’s when they prescribed anti-biotics for children with acne (when, actually, pro-biotics would have helped a lot more!) However, being on anti-biotics for 14 years dessimated my gut and immune system. I now have a skin condition on my hands that looks like Eczema. But it doesn’t respond to any kind of steroid. Pro-biotics have helped it, though. You’re spot on about the refridgeration. Through my work with a Naturopath, I’ve also learned that not all store-brand pro-biotics are the same. Because there’s no regulation of dietary supplements, the label claims of “billions” of cultures can be way off when actually tested. I highly recommend getting a pro-biotic direct from a respected Naturopath. They’ve done their homework, used them on patients, and know which brands are worth your dollar. Thanks for the discussion! Shelby in Montana.

    • That is great that you found something that helps. Too bad you had to go through 14 years of antibiotics. That is a crazy long time to have to take any medicine.

    • There is a local organic supermarket here that keeps them stored in the fridge so the bacteria stays alive. I use Renew Life for adults. There are some that have more cultures but are also more expensive. That line also has senior, kids and pet supplements.
      Thanks for coming by.

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